Mid-sole traction

March 8, 2016
Mid-sole traction
Geroline has introduced the new K1 Mid-Sole Ice Cleat. The mid-sole boasts an innovative design that was developed with a lot of industry feedback. It is designed to be put on the boot at the beginning of the winter season and left on. When it is slippery outside, it can rotate to the bottom of the boot to provide traction and at all other times (such as when walking indoors, driving or climbing ladders and scaffolding) it can be simply rotated to the top of the boot. It is always there when workers need it. This product uses Geroline’s Heelstop technology by locking the heel and the sole of the foot so both are protected from slipping. Some of the additional features are: one size fits all (adjustable strap); lightweight and non-cumbersome; industry standard tungsten carbide studs; and a hi-vis band.


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