Insole advisor

August 1, 2017
Insole advisor

MEGAComfort has introduced the MEGASteps Footwear and Insole Advisor. The device scans and analyzes individuals’ foot size and arch type, and recommends the best safety footwear and appropriate MEGAComfort insole in less than one minute. 

The technology improves worker health, wellness and employee productivity by providing employees with the best level of footwear and insole support and cushioning, says the manufacturer.

“MEGASteps eliminates guesswork, providing customized recommendations for individuals’ footwear and insoles,” says Kevan Orvitz, podiatrist and MEGAComfort founder. “It delivers objective and actionable results, accelerating the footwear and insole selection process, and provides customers and clients with confidence in their buying decisions.”

The advisor is available for companies that have a MEGAComfort insole program in place. 

The technology is easy to use, self-sufficient and interactive. The advisor elevates the importance of choosing the correct footwear and insoles and provides educational value, removing the guesswork from the footwear and insole decision.

The advisor offers the ability to incorporate specific footwear attributes including toe type, electrical type, slip resistant, puncture resistant and insulating.

In less than 1 minute, it recommends selected footwear and insoles for each employee based on foot size and arch type from a company specific catalog.
The advisor provides an employee database including key data points such as gender and department that can be referenced for ease of ordering footwear, insoles and replacements.

Using technology to produce innovative ergonomic solutions is not new for MEGAComfort. Its insoles are made of a technologically advanced material, dual layer 100 per cent memory foam, which reacts to the natural temperature of the body and moulds around the foot.

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