Anti-fatigue insoles

March 17, 2015
Anti-fatigue insoles
MegaComfort’s Personal Anti-Fatigue Mat provides anti-fatigue matting in the form of insoles. Recommended for use in industrial and extra-depth footwear, the insoles are a cost effective way to replace or relocate expensive anti-fatigue matting, says the manufacturer. The insoles are safer than matting and are more employee responsive since they are on the worker’s body. The insoles, made of dual layered memory foam technology, offer maximum shock absorption and maximum comfort for the wearer. They are machine washable and come in 12 sizes. The memory foam construction compresses to ensure safe clearance in footwear with steel toes. They have an odour-reducing scent and are designed to be anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-perspiration. Since the insoles are in direct contact with the wearer’s feet, they are more effective than standard anti-fatigue floor mats, says the manufacturer. They are better at reducing muscle strain, improving balance reactions and increasing blood circulation. They allow the wearer to take their own individual and personalized comfort zone everywhere they go in the workplace. The insoles meet all product safety standards.

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