Airlok boots

May 13, 2014
Airlok boots
Ranpro has introduced Airlok Ultra boots. They were developed using the latest formulation of polyurethane foam, which produces millions of microscopic air bubbles that create a boot that is warm, tough, light, fully waterproof and comfortable, says the manufacturer. Airlok Ultra boots are inspired by the tread found on high quality winter tires, offering superior slip resistance in wet, muddy and snowy environments. They feature a composite toe and non-metallic midsole offering reduced cold transmission compared to a steel toe. The boots’ temperature regulation properties provide cold protection to -50 C while also ensuring the worker’s feet will not overheat in warmer conditions. Airlok Ultra boots offer all-day protection from any work environment, and feature a wider calf opening, slip resistant sole design, and reinforced ankle with heel lock to keep the foot in place. 


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