Escape solution

August 18, 2014
Escape solution
Capital Safety has introduced the Rollgliss R550, an escape solution ideal for wind turbines, cellphone towers, aerial lifts and cranes. Offering fully automatic, hands-free descent, it is a safe, easy-to-use rescue and descent system that requires minimal user training. Made with lightweight yet durable cast aluminum housing, the Rollgliss R550 is the lightest, most compact unit on the market in its class, says Capital Safety. The system features integrated rope ears for greater descent speed control in assisted rescues and a dual braking system for added security and safety during automatic descent. The bi-directional hub design allows the rope to descend from either side, bringing one hook up as the other goes down, so it can be used immediately for multiple descents. Rated for two-person loads — a total of 620 pounds — the system performs in a variety of situations, including in an emergency descent or a full rescue.


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