Arc flash SRL

December 1, 2014
Arc flash SRL
Capital Safety offers a full range of standard and customized fall protection tools. The company has announced the best-selling arc flash self-retracting lifeline has been improved. The Nano-Lok Arc Flash, designed specifically for utility applications to provide the ultimate protection to workers in electrical transmission and distribution environments, has 20 different configurations, provides unrivaled job site flexibility, meets virtually any arc flash need, and includes two unique designs for bucket truck and aerial lift applications, says the manufacturer. The web lifeline is made with Nomex/Kevlar fibre and has reinforced edges for superior wear resistance and durability. An 8-foot length provides better mobility, giving the user increased access to anchor points. The Nano-Lok has an aluminum karabiner harness connection, a compact lightweight design and impact resistant housing. It is ergonomically designed and is ideal for direct connection to most harnesses. It ensures a snug fit, which helps the user forget they are wearing it.

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