Hollywood goggles

September 15, 2015
Hollywood goggles
Allegro has released two new safety goggles. The Action Goggles (pictured at top) provide the ultimate comfort and optical vision during welding applications, grinding, cutting, brazing, machining and even in lab environments. The goggles contain interior pads as well as an adjustable strap. The goggles are so small that they can easily be worn under a welding shield for added protection. A number of options are available, such as clear, smoke, IR3 and IR5 and mirror lens options. For the ultra hip, Allegro Hollywood Goggles will provide style without compromising comfort. The thick foam of the goggle surrounds the eye, minimizing penetration. The removable temples give way to a single strap for a more accurate and tighter fit. Allegro Diopers are also available for the Hollywood goggles. These clear magnifying inserts will easily snap into place after popping off the original lens.


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