High-tech plastic

April 28, 2016
High-tech plastic
Covestro has developed extremely impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses made of Makrolon 3207 that are lightweight and as transparent as glass. Lenses made of the Covestro plastic are industrial bullet-resistant and passed tests with 45-gram solid steel bullets fired at the lenses at speeds of 150 until 400 feet per second. Such extreme test conditions are necessary, says the manufacturer, in order to cover all of the impacts that could possibly occur during routine work and lead to eye injuries: falling or flying objects, sparks, metal slivers, wood chips, nails or contact with harmful substances. MCR Safety is using the new lens material in its glasses, including its new USS Defense safety glasses. According to MCR Safety, these goggles are tough, offer premium optical quality and impact resistance and UV protection. Another advantage of Makrolon 3207 is the high design freedom, says Covestro. This allows for thinner lenses and greater comfort with lower production costs.

www.covestro.com and www.mcrsafety.com

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