Defog cloths

April 19, 2016
Defog cloths
Clarity Defog It wipes are formulated to prevent fog on the toughest lenses, such as glare-free. Users can enjoy eight hours of fog-free vision in heat, humidity, cold and changing temperatures, according to Nanofilm, the manufacturer. It is safe and effective on all lenses, protective masks and eyewear. Clarity Defog It helps boost safety eyewear compliance because one of the biggest complaints that reduces eyewear compliance is fogging, says Nanofilm. The convenient, dry, reusable cloths provide quick, even application and come in two options: resealable foil packaging (20 uses per cloth) or tear-and-go foil packaging (10 uses per cloth). The liquid solution delivers fog-free performance with just a few drops and the silicone-free formulation goes on clear without any haze.

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