Portable scale

February 7, 2013
Portable scale
The Alliance/CAS IE Series Crane Scale is a heavy-duty, portable crane scale that has a wireless remote control for a wide range of material handling applications. The product is suitable for a wide variety of weighing applications and features a sturdy aluminum die cast case, an easy to read 1.1” LED or LCD display, and function keys for power, zero, tare and hold. Featuring a wireless remote control with a 32-ft. range, this portable crane scale will operate for up to 50 hours on a fully charged battery and includes a rugged hook and shackle for hanging, according to the product’s manufacturer Alliance Scale of Canton, Mass. Offered in 100 x 0.05 lbs., 200 x 0.1 lbs., 500 x 0.2 lbs., 1,000 x 0.5 lbs. and 2000 x 1.0 lbs. capacities, the Alliance/CAS IE Series Crane Scale is powered by a 9 VDC battery, and has a five-digit display for full tare. Applications include shipping and receiving, manufacturing and assembly, and various material handling tasks for pipes, tubing, castings and panels.

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