Miscellaneous Products

Browse through a wide range of safety products that are important in maintaining the health and safety of your workers.

Latest Miscellaneous Products

  • ergonomics app

    WorkPose app

    The WorkPose app by Ergonomic Connection and Ergolution is designed to...
    Beam trolley

    Beam trolley

    MSA’s Beam Trolley is a moveable anchorage connector designed to support...
  • Flange seal

    Flange seal

    Intego Industrial Safety has created the next level of safety for bolted flanges...
    Honeycomb knee pad

    Honeycomb knee pad

    Swenco of Waterloo, Ont., and Redbacks Cushioning of the United Kingdom...
  • Extend sit/stand station

    Extend sit/stand station

    Fellowes Canada has launched a line of sit/stand products. Swapping standing for sitting...
    Evacuation chair

    Evacuation chair

    The Rescue 7 Evacusafe Tracked Evacuation Chair is designed to enable the safe...
  • Violence prevention toolkit

    Violence prevention toolkit

    The Nursing Home Workplace Violence Prevention Working Group has released...
    Full-body exoskeleton

    Full-body exoskeleton

    The MAX system by SuitX is designed to provide a flexible exoskeleton solution...