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Browse through a wide range of safety products that are important in maintaining the health and safety of your workers.

Latest Miscellaneous Products

  • ergonomic video

    Manufacturing ergonomics

    WorkSafe Saskatchewan, in partnership with the Safety Association of Saskatchewan Manufacturers...
    ergonomics app

    WorkPose app

    The WorkPose app by Ergonomic Connection and Ergolution is designed to...
  • Beam trolley

    Beam trolley

    MSA’s Beam Trolley is a moveable anchorage connector designed to support...
    Flange seal

    Flange seal

    Intego Industrial Safety has created the next level of safety for bolted flanges...
  • Honeycomb knee pad

    Honeycomb knee pad

    Swenco of Waterloo, Ont., and Redbacks Cushioning of the United Kingdom...
    Extend sit/stand station

    Extend sit/stand station

    Fellowes Canada has launched a line of sit/stand products. Swapping standing for sitting...
  • Evacuation chair

    Evacuation chair

    The Rescue 7 Evacusafe Tracked Evacuation Chair is designed to enable the safe...
    Violence prevention toolkit

    Violence prevention toolkit

    The Nursing Home Workplace Violence Prevention Working Group has released...