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Latest Miscellaneous Products

  • CoreChair


    The CoreChair is an ergonomic, active-sitting chair that encourages movement...
    ReAkta Scalpel

    ReAkta Scalpel

    The Safety Knife Company has designed a scalpel knife designed for intricate knife applications...
  • GoatThroat pumps

    GoatThroat pumps

    GoatThroat Pumps is now offering the SCP Pump Series for class 1 and 2..


    Ladder accidents are one of the highest risk areas in the workplace...
  • Tethered tool pliers

    Tethered tool pliers

    Knipex Tools has introduced 24 tools with tether attachment mounts as part...
    Lumo Motion Science Platform

    Lumo Motion Science Platform

    Lumo Bodytech, a motion science company, recently announced the general...
  • sound meter

    Sound level meter

    The REED R8050-KIT Sound Level Meter and Calibrator Kit comes equipped...
    washer and nut keeper

    Washer and nut keeper

    The patented Washer and Nut Keeper by RToddS Engineering helps reduce incidents...