Discover the latest lift assist products.
  • Presto vertical lift

    Extended vertical travel lifts

    Presto ECOA’s Extended Vertical Travel Lifts achieve maximum lifting heights...
    lift assist

    Lift for low-level tasks

    JLG Industries’ EcoLift series gives operators the confidence to tackle low-level tasks...
  • ErgoSkeleton


    StrongArm’s V22 ErgoSkeleton is a lift assist device designed to help reduce certain factors that...
    Powered lift hand truck

    Powered lift hand truck

    The new LNB-2 from Lift’n Buddy is the next generation in powered elevating two-wheel hand trucks...
  • Spring level loader

    Spring level loader

    Presto Lifts' P3 All-Around Spring Level Loader improves the efficiency of pallet loading...


    Presto Lifts announces the expansion of the LiftStik line of lifter transporters. The Model...
  • PalletPal Walkie

    PalletPal Walkie

    Southworth Products introduces the PalletPal Walkie to make order picking faster, safer and easier...
    Magnetic manhole lid lifter

    Magnetic manhole lid lifter

    For workers utilizing manholes, Allegro offers the durable Magnetic Manhole Lid Lifter which...

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