Wireless gas monitor communication

January 6, 2017
Wireless gas monitor communication

Industrial Scientific's LENS Wireless technology, based on military ad-hoc mesh networking concepts, enables gas monitors to communicate with each other wirelessly with no need for IT setup, infrastructure or a central controller. Industrial Scientific Ventis Pro Series Multi-Gas Monitors and Radius BZ1 Area Monitors are both available with LENS Wireless. LENS Wireless groups are quick and easy to create, allowing for rapid deployment and use in a broad range of applications. Ventis Pro Series instruments enabled with LENS Wireless begin communicating seconds after tapping two or more instruments together. Radius BZ1 Area Monitors connect wirelessly out of the box with no need for setup or additional equipment. The simplicity of deploying and using LENS Wireless helps workers in any industry respond faster and with real-time information, when hazardous conditions occur, says Industrial Scientific. Now, when a gas hazard, man-down or panic situation causes an instrument to alarm, all peers in the connected group will instantly be notified of the hazard and the person in danger. When seconds matter, workers can rely on help from peers nearby, rather than a control room or call centre hundreds of miles away. Other benefits of LENS Wireless include: viewing panic and man-down alarms from any Ventis Pro Series user in the group; identifying a peer alarm type in real time, enabling a faster, more appropriate response; using any monitor to view gas readings from up to 24 peers in real time, without needing a separate central controller to relay the information; receiving readings from up to 1.5 kilometres away with wireless signal hopping between instruments; maintaining the integrity of the wireless group, even if a single instrument unexpectedly drops off the network; and protecting data while safely and securely sharing gas alarms and readings over an encrypted network.


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