Ultima X5000

October 4, 2017
MSA Ultima

MSA’s Ultima X5000 Gas Monitor  is the future of gas detection for oxygen, toxic and combustible gases. MSA XCell gas sensors with TruCal technology offer calibration cycles up to 18 months (local calibration respected). The gas transmitter's advanced, multi-lingual Organic LED (OLED) display is easy to read and the unique touch-screen interface makes it simple to navigate.

An industry first, the gas monitor has a touch-button interface for an intuitive user experience and tool-free operation. TruCal technology actively monitors the sensor integrity and compensates for environmental factors that cause regular electrochemical sensors to drift. The device automatically self-checks four times per day.

SafeSwap enables safe and quick replacement of gas sensors without turning off the instrument.

Dual sensor capability doubles the sensing power with half of the footprint of a single gas transmitter.

Bluetooth wireless technology allows a mobile device to act as an HMI screen and controller. The X/S Connect App is designed with high security standards and provides real-time information to the user’s mobile device.

Status updates and alerts can be received up to 75 feet away

Ideal applications include: building protection, combustible detection, confined space, food processes, oxygen detection, perimeter monitoring and toxic detection.




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