Remote access data collection meters

March 11, 2014
Remote access data collection meters
GrayWolf has introduced remote, cloud-based access and control of any of its WiFi enabled AdvancedSense, WolfPack or DirectSense meters. GrayWolf manufactures various advanced, portable and semi-permanent monitoring instruments for measurements that include indoor air quality, formaldehyde, chlorine, ammonia, relative humidity and many other parameters. Measurement data can now be viewed on smartphones, iPads, Androids, PCs or any web-enabled device. Attached notes (such as audio, text and photos) may also be reviewed. Data may be displayed as multi-parameter graphs or in tabular format. Users can set up a smartphone, or other Internet accessible device, to receive alarms when toxic gas levels or other measured parameters exceed defined levels. The alarm message may be emailed to multiple phones/devices. The logged readings can be downloaded via WiFi to any Windows XP, 7 or 8 device that has GrayWolf’s WolfSense PC data transfer and reporting software loaded.


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