Eyewash with bandage dispenser

September 15, 2011
Eyewash with bandage dispenser
Cederroth has launched a new Eye Wash Station and a new innovative Adhesive Bandage Dispenser. The Eye Wash Station has room for two bottles of eye wash that rinse eyes more effectively and safely. It is also home to a Salvequick Adhesive Bandage Dispenser. The Eye Wash Station comes with a protective door and additional space for your own choice of products, for example, protective gloves or protective glasses. There have been considerable improvements made to the new Adhesive Bandage Dispenser. Cederroth has turned the design on its head. The bandages are pulled downwards in the new Adhesive Bandage Dispenser, which avoids getting the other bandages dirty. Cederroth first aid products are currently available Europe and North America, and can be bought from a wide selection of retailers.

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