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Only 18 per cent of outdoor workers always wear sunscreen at work: Survey


Outdoor workers aren't wearing enough sunscreen and their employers are not providing it either, found a survey by Deb Group.

“There are very real dangers associated with sun exposure that are often overlooked in the workplace,” said Isabelle Faivre, vice-president of marketing, Deb North America. “Outdoor workers are at a higher risk of developing skin cancer and other ailments related to increased sun exposure. Organizations should educate outdoor workers on proper sun protection and provide sunscreen for use daily.”

Less than one-fifth (18 per cent) of individuals who work outdoors at least half the time always wear sunscreen at work, found the survey of 2,015 American workers. The survey also found that more than one-half (58 per cent) of outdoor workers always or sometimes see a need to wear sunscreen at work. However, 71 per cent of outdoor workers say their employers don’t provide sunscreen to them for use at work. Perhaps that is why 59 per cent of outdoor workers always or sometimes bring their own sunscreen to the job site.

One in every three cancers diagnosed worldwide is a skin cancer, 80 to 90 per cent of which are caused by ultraviolet (UV) radiation, according to the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation. More than 80,000 cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in Canada each year — more than 5,000 of which are melanoma, the mostly deadly form of skin cancer.

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