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New health and wellness program designed for remote and offshore employees

By COS staff

ESS North America has introduced a new health and wellness program developed specifically for remote and offshore workers.

ESS, which provides food and support services to oil and gas, mining and infrastructure employers, is currently implementing Tastelife with companies across Canada and the United States and promoting a focus on nutrition, physical and mental well-being.

The program includes three core elements that combine to support an employee's healthy lifestyle:

Nutrition: Educating employees about the nutritional value of food choices they make on a daily basis while away from home and is managed by certified dieticians and nutritionists.

Exercise: Educating employees about leading a healthy and active lifestyle.

Extra-curricular: Creating a fun, social and stress-free atmosphere for employees while away from home for extended periods.

"A majority of employees in the oil and gas and mining industries do rotational shifts, which means they are away from home three to five weeks at a time. Many of our clients already understand that the health and well-being of their employees is important," says Erin Meehan, president of ESS North America. "In addition, we have a duty of care commitment to ensure employees in remote sites have the resources necessary to keep their health and well-being top-of-mind."

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