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Asbestos industry strikes back, critics unimpressed

By The Canadian Press

MONTREAL — Critics of Canadian asbestos say they're not at all converted following meetings today with an industry powerhouse.

They met with Montreal businessman Baljit Chadha, who was in Ottawa as part of a plan to reach out to opponents of his industry.

Chadha is trying to salvage the reputation of the asbestos sector while, at the same time, seeking a government loan guarantee that would reopen one of this country's last two asbestos mines.

But his meetings today with prominent asbestos critics appear to have left them unswayed: one group issued a press release afterward condemning asbestos.

And another critic, New Democrat MP Pat Martin, says he and Chadha had a spirited exchange about the impact on poorer countries.

Martin says he doesn't believe the businessman's assertions that the hazardous substance can be adequately monitored by safety inspectors overseas.

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