December 2016/January 2017
  • Safety Leader of the Year
    Meet Adrian Khan, EHS manager at Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee, this year’s winner of the COS Safety Leader of the Year award.
  • Rx Eyewear
    Managing an eyewear program can be complicated, especially when some workers require prescription lenses. Find out how to simplify the process and help workers choose the right prescription lenses for the job.
  • Industry Focus: Maintenance and Repair
    HVAC workers face a range of hazards from stooped postures and dangerous machines to encountering asbestos on the job. These workers may need to be familiar with confined space entry procedures, electrical standards, respiratory protection and fall protection.
  • Sex Worker Safety
    In 2014, the Conservative government passed Bill C-36, which made several changes to Canada’s prostitution laws and greatly compromised the safety of sex workers. Two years later, the risks are materializing as escorts have been forced to seek out more isolated, dangerous locations and are afraid to report violence or abuse to the police.