February/March 2017
  • PPE Focus: FR
    Women wear flame resistant clothing across a variety of industries and they need FR that fits them well. This isn’t just about style; proper fit is crucial for proper protection.
  • Call Centres
    Call centre workers are subjected to sexual harassment, verbal abuse and physical threats from customers. The United Steelworkers has launched a campaign pushing employers to allow workers to hang up on abuse callers and deny repeat abusers service.
  • Industrial Hygiene
    ‘Popcorn lung’ may have graced the headlines a decade ago, but the chemicals responsible for this incurable disease are still widely used in food manufacturing and processing plants across Canada. Proper ventilation, air quality testing and respiratory protection are some solutions.
  • Chemical Handling
    Chemical spills happen but do workers know how to properly clean them up? A comprehensive spill response plan is necessary to protect workers and the environment.
  • Safety Culture Column
    Dave Fennell joins the lineup of COS columnists, writing about developing and sustaining a strong safety culture in any organization.